How To Choose A Monitor For Pc

How To Choose a Monitor For Pc

If you are willing to upgrade your pc in some way, then buying a new monitor will be a great idea here. A good monitor can help you enhance your work and gaming experience. The market is flooded with numerous Chinese products making it challenging to choose between products. Anyone can get easily confused in … Read more

Best wireless Adaptor For Pc

Best wireless Adaptor For Pc

The world of wireless networking has gained huge popularity over the past few years. Working with wired devices is really a headache and one needs to deal with that annoying web of wires that gets tangles most of the times. The involvement of wired tools not only creates a lot of confusion and irritation but … Read more

How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone

How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone

There can be multiple reasons you want to access your laptop’s camera remotely from your android phone. Don’t worry; I won’t be asking why you want to access your computer’s camera. There are certain desktop apps you can use to achieve it. There are several other ways like downloading DNS on the host computer and … Read more

Best Second Monitor for MacBook Pro

best second monitor for macbook pro

If you are a professional user of a computer, you will know the importance of the second screen. High-end users use the second monitor for multitasking; the work becomes easier and more understandable. Second monitors are great for monitoring and editing tasks such as CCTV camera monitoring or watching stocks. If you get tired of … Read more

Best Mechanical Keyboards for Programming

best mechanical keyboards for programming

keyboards is nothing less than a weapon for a programmer, Agree? In fact, a programmer’s performance literally depends on the keyboard which makes it really important for a programmer to get a reliable and high-quality keyboard. Talking of the keyboards, mechanical keyboards are ideal when it comes to programming. The ergonomic design not only helps you code … Read more

Best Quiet Keyboard For Gaming

best quiet keyboard for gaming

There’s no accounting for the tastes. Enthusiasts gamers do not care for their pocket when it comes to buying expensive gaming accessories. In our last article, we described a long enrolled list of best gaming keyboards under 30. That was for light gamers who want to play well within their limited budget. But addictive and mostly … Read more

Best Gaming Keyboards For Mac in 2022

best gaming keyboard for mac

EDITOR’S CHOICE 9.7 AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard Review Special Feature: Customizable lighting Number of Keys: 104 Special Feature: 12 lighting configuration presets Response Time: 8 milliseconds Connectivity: USB Backlighting Colors: 7 colors Check On Amazon PREMIUM PICK 9.3 Azio Mk Mac Keyboards Number of Keys: 104 Special Feature: Lighting Connectivity Technology: USB Color: Brown Style: USB … Read more

How To Clean Projector Lens?

How To Clean Projector Lens

At last, you made the leap from a wall-mounted TV to an elegant new projection, but now dust particles slowly gun your lens up, and you can’t see every single pore on the face of The Gladiator as you once might see. Well, no household cleaner is available for you to restore your lens to … Read more