How To Clean Projector Lens?

How To Clean Projector Lens

At last, you made the leap from a wall-mounted TV to an elegant new projection, but now dust particles slowly gun your lens up, and you can’t see every single pore on the face of The Gladiator as you once might see. Well, no household cleaner is available for you to restore your lens to … Read more

How much does a PC cost?

How much does a PC cost

Hundreds of thousands of desktop computers are available in the market for an average cost you require about 300 to $4000. An average computer with normal specifications will almost cost you about $400. The price change of the personal computers available in the market depends on the customer’s power range requirement. There is a lot … Read more

What is the best projector for PowerPoint presentations?

What is the best projector for PowerPoint presentations

Finding a projector is an easy task, but finding the projector that meets your need is a little difficult task. You have to thoroughly check the features, capabilities, and connectivities, its entire specifications that will best suit your needs will quite take a little time and some additional effort. If you are finding a projector … Read more

How to change Hz on monitor?

How to change Hz on monitor

If we look at the past few years, people were not so familiar with the term refresh rate. It is the frequency at which the monitor displays the images. The higher the refresh rate will be, pictures are changed smoothly. People who are involved in the graphics business will know how important the refresh rate … Read more